The smallest auto tablet press
fully italian - small batches.

Auto EASY to USE Up to 3000

Do you need a bench top tablet press for small batches? CPR-6 is your answer. It is designed for pharmacies, hospitals, universities and also R&DS – everywhere a small batch is needed. The output is 2500 tabs/h and it is completely manufactured in italy according CE and GMP rules. The CPR-6 could be placed anywhere the operator wants thanks to its dimensions. It can be equipped also with multi-punch.



It is the standard model and it is equipped by gravity feeder. It is a bench top unit and the max diameter which could get is 16mm.
Basically is composed by 3 separate areas:

  • + Compressing area placed on the front side of the machine, duly protected by safety panel in plexiglass with microswitches.

  • + Driving area on the back containing the moto-reducer and manual control for the tablet formation; this area is totally included in a stainless steel cabinet preventing the powder to enter in this area.

  • + Cabinet placed on top of the machine including all electrical components, inverter and multi-voltage connection.


It is a version which allows the study of the products. The curves displayed allow to evaluate the quality of the compactness of the powders’granules and therefore the compressing force necessary to obtain the requested hardness.
It detects by loading cells:

  • + Upper/lower compression

  • + Compression time/ ejection force

Technical Data

stations number 1
maximum tablets diameter 16 mm
maximum compression force 2,5 t
depth of fill 17 mm maximum
tablets/hour adjustable 0 /2.500
upper punch penetration 0-8 mm
hopper open gravity feeder
motor powder 0,37 KW
speed control variable by means of inverter
electric specifications 230 V - 50 Hz - single-phase
net weight 80,00 Kg
machine’s dimensions 350 x 510 x 760 H. mm